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Your New Identity
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Internship Testimonies
Check out this video and see what our past interns have to say about how participating in the Bay Area Fellowship Internship Program completely transformed their lives!  Watch On YouTube »
Your New Identity • Part One
We all struggle with who God says we are and what we actually do. It could be that we are living drastically differently than we should be. God wants to give us a new identity.  Read More »
Your New Identity
How you see yourself right now is not how God sees you. In this week's message, Pastor Bil Cornelius talks about how to unleash your full potential by taking on a new identity.  Watch On YouTube »
BAF Stories
Marshall's Giving Testimony
When you give towards God's kingdom, you are allowing Him to bless you with a full and abundant life while making a position impact in others. This is Marshall's testimony, a story of how bringing the tithe to God's house opened the door to an outpour of God's blessing in his life.  Watch On YouTube »
Godfidence • Part Two
We need to express our pain and not suppress it. Pain and fear can drive us to deflect and redirect our focus from God's truth in us. We may be in a place in our lives, a season, where we are sick of hearing God's miracles working in other people but not within ourselves.  Read More »
Godfidence • Part One
When the messenger of God spoke to Gideon, he referred to Gideon as how God viewed him, "mighty hero" (NLT), and not as how others viewed Gideon including Gideon himself. We are all mighty heroes of faith.  Read More »
Pastor Buddy Cremeans - Godfidence
Imagine how your life could change if you had the Godfidence to overcome any insecurity. In this message, Pastor Buddy Cremeans talks about how to equip yourself with true Godfidence.  Watch On YouTube »
Wreck-It Ralph • Part Three
The truth is that without Christ we are filled with glitches. We are separated from God through sin. God sees us as perfect through His son Jesus Christ. Many people come to accept their imperfections as never-changing,but God can wipe the slate clean for us. We are made new in Christ and all our glitches are reset when we step across the line of faith.  Read More »
BAF Volunteers
Daniella • BAF Volunteers
Meet our Volunteer Of The Week: Daniella! During our "At The Movies" series, Daniella offered to help pop popcorn and serve drinks and snacks at our concession stand. On any other weekend, she serves as a greeter and plays an important part in welcoming our visitors.  View Post On Instagram »