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What's Going On At Church Unlimited
Un-Selfie • No Show Weekend
Services at Church Unlimited are made possible because of the volunteers who sacrifice time and energy to serve every weekend. In this week of "Un-Selfie", Pastor Bil Cornelius talks about what church would be like with no volunteers.  Watch On YouTube »
Above and Beyond • Part Three
We are meant to hold on loosely to tangible objects so we can hold on tightly to Jesus Christ. We tend to react to giving with, “If I made more…” We must learn to give from what we have and not what we might have one day. God asks us what we can give today.  Read More »
Above and Beyond • Part Two
We must prepare ourselves to be big givers in the future by giving now with what we have, but also by sowing for future giving from wealth we have built over time. There is seed for sowing and seed for eating.  Read More »
Above and Beyond • Part One
Giving is a life-changing, lifestyle decision. God wants us to be generous as a people. Our lifestyles should be one where giving is a joyful and regular part of it. When we do a kindness for someone, we are meant to be quiet about it.  Read More »
Un-Selfie • Above and Beyond
The smallest acts of kindness can still make a big difference in someone's life. In this week of "Un-Selfie", Pastor Bil Cornelius talks about how to go above and beyond with irrational generosity.  Watch On YouTube »
Un-Selfie - Part Three
Tithing is about helping others with the first ten percent of our income, but God also has His unlimited resources and blessings on standby for those who do bring their tithe to the local church. In other words, tithing is good for us, too!  Read More »
Un-Selfie - Part Two
We are designed to want and take stuff. It is in our selfish nature. Where we see conflict in giving to our local church is when we do not see a direct benefit for ourselves.  Read More »
Un-Selfie - Part One
A selfie is a photo that places the center of attention on ourselves. It is a perfect example of the nature of our culture. We are robbing God when we withhold our tithes and offerings from Him. We think we are under a financial curse because of our elected officials.  Read More »
Un-Selfie - Week 1
One of the most un-selfish things you can do is give back to God through tithing. In this week of "Un-Selfie", Pastor Bil Cornelius talks about how giving to your local church can make a big impact in the lives of others.  Watch on YouTube »