Back In The Saddle
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Back In The Saddle • Week 2
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Lincoln Brewster
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How To Beat The Odds • Part Two
God does not always want us to play it safe, or to stay in a safe position. There are times when we need to go into risky, or dangerous territory. Sometimes, the Lord will lead us to go into areas that are not comfortable.  Read More »
Church Unlimited was honored to hear the story of the Gunn family and their 11 year old son, Keifer Gunn. Keifer was diagnosed at the age of 18 months with Cerebral Palsy and has been a part of the Glenoak Therapeutic Riding Group for 7 years having a great time riding horses for therapeutic purposes. Recently, Keifer was asked to attend the World Champion NSBA Horse Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Read More »
How To Beat The Odds • Part One
One thing about cowboys is they are tough people. Their job was to take thousands of cattle along a rough wilderness trail. We can learn how to apply cowboy-grit in our own walk of faith. God created us to do something unique and bigger than ourselves because it shows God working through us.  Read More »
Back In The Saddle - How To Beat The Odds
True success happens when you take a step of faith into unchartered territory. In this week of "Back In The Saddle", Pastor Bil Cornelius delivers a message on how to beat the odds against your own uncertainties.  Watch On YouTube »
Get Back Up On That Horse • Part Three
It’s one thing to study the word of God. It’s another thing to know your role in life in the context of God’s word. God’s word is meant to guide us to do what is right. Pharisees will use God’s word to point out what others are doing wrong.  Read More »
Get Back Up On That Horse • Part Two
Cowboys ride for a brand. We are ambassadors of Christ. We, as followers of Christ, ride for Jesus Christ. He is our brand to share with the world so that others will know eternal life with God. We must consider whether our brand is all about ourselves, or if it is about building up the kingdom of God by inviting others into it. We have authority as a Christ-ambassadors to reach out to others.  Read More »
Get Back Up On That Horse • Part One
We cannot become all that God has planned for us without going through hard times. Legends are made by getting back up on our saddles and pressing onward. All of us have a trail to blaze. Jesus reminds us to be on the lookout for spiritual attacks.  Read More »
Back In The Saddle • Week 1
You can't take your life to the next level if you refuse to face hardship and trials. In this week of "Back In The Saddle", Pastor Bil Cornelius talks about how to get back on your horse and focus on God's vision for your life.  Watch On YouTube »
Hope During Life's Interruptions • Part Three
There may be a dream we wish to live, but are experiencing a nightmare. We are meant to respond righteously even in the little things in life to build our character so that we will respond righteously in the bigger things. Righteousness must be fleshed out in our every day little decisions and reactions.  Read More »